USB Camera Testing Software Download (Only for Windows )

1. Universal Testing Software – Amcap 

2. 5mp 8mp or above USB Camera Testing software for Windows

3. H.264 USB Camera Testing software for Windows

*How to operate the Amcap —— INSTRUCTION

General Software for USB Camera-from our clients

 Blue iris,Contacam, Yawcam, iSpy, Motion Eys OS

AMCAP ,Webcam Viewer, IP Camera viewer, ZoneMinder

V4L2 video for LINUX, CameraFi, VLC Player

ELP USB Cameras SDK for reference—Provided by Ailipu Technology

1. SDK for Windows System

2. SDK for Android System

3. SDK for Linux System

4. SDK for H.264 USB Cameras in Linux System

ELP IP camera video

5mp IP Camera 360 software download link 

Normal IP Camera software download link

ELP-IP1881 IP camera video(English,Russian,Italy)




Dual lens VR Camera download Link:

Android download

Android 7.0 download

Android 7.3.2 download

*Which software your usb camera module support?

Blue Iris, ContaCam, Yawcam, Ispy, Motion Eye OS,AMCAP Wecam Viewer, IP Camera Viewer, ZoneMinder,V4L2 video for Linux, Camerafi, VLC Player.